Resources I Collected And Referenced To Build Perplexity

At some point I may organize this better, but for now it serves as a kind of stream of consciousness record of all the papers and sites I found as I researched Perplexity and tried to get my head around it.

Parsers and Toolkit Options I Evaluated

The English Resource Grammar



Montague Grammar

(Neo) Davidsonian Grammar

Events in Linguistics

Generalized Quantifiers

Morphosemantic Properties

Using Logic With Natural Language


Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Understanding/Processing

Good example of why we need deep (i.e. full understanding) vs. shallow:

NLP Background:


Conceptual Graphs


Naïve Physics (what most humans have as a model of physics)

Common Sense Reasoning/Scaled Data

Converting English into Logic

Micro Worlds

Creating Plots/Narratives


Interactive Fiction

Games and Systems